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Blackout Tint Film
Blackout Tint Film Sheets

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What is a Blackout Headlight Tin

What is Blackout Tint Film?
Blackout Tint Films are made from a 20% blackout static cling tint film.  They apply without adhesive to your lights giving the darkest appearance possible while allowing the maximum light output. Unlike traditional headlight tint, blackout tint can be removed, reapplied and repositioned at any time. A perfect look for car shows and easy enough to remove and reapply for safe nighttime driving. If you are interested in blacking out your lights, this genuine Rtint product is what the pros use.

 Blackout Tint Film is non-permanent, remove and re-apply at anytime.

 Blackout film is 36 inches wide, wide enough for just about any light on the market!

 Blackout tint film can be applied with a dry, wet, heated or any combination of methods.

 Step by Step application instructions videos available online.

 Genuine Rtint Blackout Tint Film product, backed by a 3 year warranty.

 Sold in pairs for the driver and passenger side, blackout your headlights in style.


Blackout Tint Film 20% VLT

How difficult is it to install Blackout Tint Film?
Watching our installation video featured on this page is the easiest way for us to answer this question. Blacking out your lights can be simple if you have a relatively flat light with little curves.  If you have a "long" light with multiple curves or raised surfaces installation can be very difficult.  Having the proper blackout tools is essential for difficult applications.

What is the difference between Tint and Blackout Tint Static Film?
Tint is adhesive backed while Blackout Tint has no adhesive.  Using static electricity it will adhere to your headlights, tail lights fog lights or just about any light. A heated application method and a Seal-It Pen may be used to increase the bond to the light.

What Blackout Tint Film application tools do you recommend?
Rvinyl recommends the use of an application squeegee which will reduce air bubbles during blacking out your light and aide in heat conforming the film to the light. By using a low friction sleeve, you will reduce the chance of scratching your blackout tint film during application. Application solutions such as Rapid Prep will remove any dirt or debris from your lights. Rapid Tac will aide in the wet application of our blackout tint film. Rapid Clear will act as a finishing agent and polish. We strongly recommend the use of these products to achieve professional looking blackout results.

How much does it cost to have my lights professionally blacked out?
Most companies use a spray on blackout tint, it is permanent and can not be removed. In general, the cost is $120 - $150 for this spray service.  Blackout tint films are designed for the do-it-yourself installer as they can be removed and reapplied an infinite amount of times. Professional installation is not required.

Do you offer a warranty?
eWindowtint offers a Standard Warranty of 3 years. eWindowtint will guarantee that the film will not fade or change color, we can not extend any further warranties unless this film is professionally installed.

What is the legal blackout light shade for my state?
Clear Protection films are legal. Any shade other than clear may not be legal, blackout light tint film is designed for show car off-road use only. We recommend consulting with your local law enforcement agency prior to your purchase.

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