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Kia Soul Windshield Visor Strip
Kia Soul Windshield Tint

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Window Tint

What is a Precut Windshield Tint Visor Sun Strip Kit?

Windshield tint strip kits are applied to the inside of your windshield.  Using advanced CAD based software and the most updated window tint pattern databases in the industry, eWindowtint kits are ready to apply as either trim to fit universal or year specific kits. We use professional grade equipment in the manufacturing of your film kit, allowing for precision and professional tinting results in half the time it would take you to install film by the roll.

What is the difference between Universal and Model Year Kits?
Universal Fitment Visor Sun Strips are precut in the general shape of most windshields, but then must be trimmed to a custom fit along the edges. If a model year kit is available it will be listed on the product page and is specific to that year kit.

Installer friendly, scratch resistant precut windshield tint film.

Detailed installation videos and instructions available online.

Rtint is available in Standard and Lifetime warranty grade films. Very durable and scratch resistant

Windshield Window Tint Film will not crack, peel or turn purple guaranteed.

Protects your vehicle's interior from UV radiation and reduces UV heat by 50%

Enhances privacy and security while reducing sun glare.

Less expensive and less time consuming than by window film by the roll.


Window Tint Installation Video

Window Tint Shade Chart
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Window Tint FAQ
How difficult is it to install Pre-cut Windshield Visor Sun Strip Tint Kits?

Although installing precut kits is significantly easier and less time consuming than installing film by the roll, it can still be a difficult process. Although many sites claim their kits are easy to install, we recommend you review the installation procedures outlined to make sure our product meets your needs. Installation difficulty depends on the ability of the installer, the particular windshield being tinted and the compound surface of the glass as it will require heat shrinking for proper installation.

What Dash Kit application tools do you recommend?

eWindowtint recommends the use of our Professional Window Tint Application Kit with DVD.

How much does it cost to have my windshield visor strip professionally installed?

The cost of tinting depends on the film being used and the vehicle being applied to.  In general, the cost is $50 - $75 for a complete window tint installation. If you are purchasing this kit and plan on having a professional installer apply the tint, you will generally not save money.  Installers profit is derived from the labor, not the film costs and it is in their best interest to have as many billable labor hours as possible. These kits are designed for the do-it-yourself minded individual, if you plan on having this kit installed professionally we recommend you purchase their film and installation service.

My vehicle has factory window tint installed, what does eWindowtint recommend?
Factory installed tint is generally rated between 15% and 20%, we recommend you review the tint laws section of our site for applicable front window tint laws in the state your vehicle is registered. When installed properly, it will be difficult to distinguish factory from aftermarket film saving you hundreds of dollars in installation fees.

Do you offer a warranty?
eWindowtint offers a Standard Warranty film (3 years) and a Lifetime Warranty.  These professional grade films are guaranteed to not fade, peel, crack, bubble or turn purple when installed by a licensed professional. Warranty protection is only applicable for professionally installed film kits. will guarantee that the film will not fade or change color, we can not extend any further warranties unless this film is professionally installed.

What is the legal window tint shade for my state?
Window tinting laws vary from state to state and province to province. Before applying any window tinting materials, you should thoroughly review the appropriate state regulations as well as local enforcement policies to insure compliance with all applicable standards.

These PDF summary charts are the result of independent research, using several sources of public state documents, they do not serve as a legal document.
Download U.S. Tint Laws

Download Canadian Tint Laws

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